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Basic requirements of braking system

In order to ensure the safe driving of the car, the braking system must meet the following requirements:
(1) Good braking efficiency. The indexes to evaluate the braking efficiency of a car include braking distance, braking deceleration, and braking time.
(2) It is easy to operate and has good directional stability during braking. When braking, the front and rear wheels are reasonably distributed, and the braking forces on the left and right wheels should be basically equal to avoid deviation and side slip when the car is braking.
(3) Good braking smoothness. When braking, it should be soft and stable; when releasing, it should be quick and thorough
(4) Good heat dissipation and easy adjustment. This requires that the brake shoe friction lining has strong resistance to high temperature, quick recovery after humidity, adjustable clearance after wear, and dust and oil resistance.

(5) A car with a trailer can cause the trailer to brake before the main vehicle, and then release the brake after the main vehicle; the trailer can brake by itself when it is disengaged by itself.