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How many parts does a car contain?

How many parts does the car have? In fact, there is no exact standard answer to this question. Because different types of vehicles, the number of parts on the vehicle is also completely different. It is estimated that the general car is composed of more than 10000 independent parts that can not be disassembled. Special cars with extremely complex structure, such as F1 racing cars, have as many as 20000 independent parts.

Moreover, the car is generally divided into four basic parts: engine, chassis, body and electronic and electrical equipment. Among them, the engine is the power plant of automobile, which is mainly composed of engine body, crank and connecting rod mechanism, valve train, cooling system, lubrication system, fuel system and ignition system (diesel engine has no ignition system).

As for the transmission system, it is mainly composed of clutch, transmission, universal joint, transmission shaft and drive axle. The main function of car body is to protect the driver and form a good aerodynamic environment.

From the form of automobile body structure, it is mainly divided into non load bearing type, load bearing type and semi load bearing type. Automobile body components include engine cover, roof cover, trunk cover, fender, front panel, etc.

Automotive electronics is the general term of vehicle electronic control device and vehicle electronic control device. Vehicle electronic control device includes engine control system, chassis control system and vehicle electronic control system. These are electronic control systems composed of sensors, MPU, actuators, dozens or even hundreds of electronic components and parts.

With so many auto parts, it is not easy to count the parts of a vehicle. It can only be said that the parts of an ordinary family car are about 10000.

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