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What is the brake system

The automobile brake system is an important part of the automobile safety control system. The automobile brake system refers to a series of special forces that apply a certain force to certain parts of the automobile (mainly the wheels) to perform a certain degree of forced braking. Device. The automobile brake system is a set of special devices set on the automobile that can be controlled by the driver and generate an external force opposite to the direction of the automobile. It enables the driving car to decelerate and stop at the right time according to the driver's request and maintain the stability of the car's downhill speed.

With the development of my country’s automobile industry, the number of cars is increasing year by year, and the traffic volume on highways is increasing. With the improvement of automobile dynamics, the maximum speed of cars is getting higher and higher, which requires cars to have reliable Braking.
Generally speaking, the brake system of a car is actually the brake of the car in a simple way.
In each rim of the car, there will be a brake caliper. The brake pads in the caliper are used to rub the brake discs to increase the resistance and reduce the power of the brake discs. Then the car will naturally slow down.