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Basic types of auto parts

(1) Classification by nature of use

Auto parts can be divided into five categories according to the use nature of parts

1. Basic parts: refer to some main assembly parts of automobile, such as crankshaft, cylinder block, cylinder head, camshaft, frame, axle housing, transmission housing, etc

2. Consumable parts: refers to the parts that must be replaced when some parts are naturally aged, invalid or expired during the operation of the vehicle, such as various transmission belts, filter elements, gaskets, tires, batteries, etc

3. Wearing parts: refer to the parts that are easy to be worn out naturally and fail in driving, such as bearing bush, piston ring, piston, cam bearing bush, cylinder sleeve, air valve, guide pipe, kingpin, kingpin bushing, wheel hub, brake drum, various oil seals, steel plate pin and sleeve, etc

4. Maintenance parts: maintenance parts refer to the parts that must be replaced after a certain operation cycle, such as various shafts, gears, fasteners of various moving parts, and parts that must be replaced in a certain service life, such as some fasteners, steering knuckle, half shaft sleeve, etc

5. Zhaoqing incident: Zhaoqing incident refers to the damaged parts of the car, such as bumper, lamp, rearview mirror, body panel, radiator, etc., mainly due to the accident

(2) By source of parts

According to the source of auto parts suppliers, it can be divided into two categories, one is called original parts, the other is called suitable parts.

The so-called original parts refer to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products that are exclusively used by automobile manufacturers for repair and replacement in accordance with the standards and requirements specified by Qifeng. These products conform to the standards stipulated by the original manufacturer, with the trademark of the original manufacturer, the part number of the original manufacturer (sometimes with the trademark of OEM), and the packaging of the original manufacturer. These products are generally supplied through special dealers or special service stores of automobile manufacturers.

Parts that are not provided by the original manufacturer but can be applied to the same vehicle type with corresponding original parts are called applicable parts. It's a bit more complicated.

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