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Body kit related knowledge

The main components of the body kit
The complete body kit includes at least the following: front and rear bumpers, spoilers, side skirts and side guards. The bumper is a product with impact buffering effect, which plays a protective role in the event of a collision. The spoiler is mainly used to reduce air resistance. Side skirts refer to the panels above the front and rear wheels of the vehicle, but their main function is aesthetics.

Materials that make up the kit

Most kits are constructed using glass fiber, carbon fiber or polyurethane. Compared with other available materials, glass fiber is cheaper and lighter in weight. However, glass fiber is very fragile and easy to break. Carbon fiber is also very light weight and more durable than glass fiber, so it is more expensive. Polyurethane is flexible and durable, and it is a popular new material to replace the above-mentioned materials.

Purpose of body kit

The body kit is usually used to improve the appearance, often adding some inkjet and other visual effects to create a new appearance. Others involve reducing body resistance, reducing body weight, and so on.