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Common faults of automobile transmission system

(1) Inconvenient rotation of the axle
At this stage, there are many situations in my country's heavy machinery and vehicles during the driving process. The steering wheels of these heavy machinery vehicles have certain difficulties and challenges. When they are constantly turning, they are likely to appear on the steering wheel. It is more heavy and difficult to control, and the driver is very strenuous during the steering operation, and it is not easy to return to the right situation and problems. However, there are many problems and causes caused by the heavy steering of the axles of heavy-duty vehicles. It may be caused by the failure of the steering wheel knuckle arm, or the problem of the steering knuckle thrust bearing, or even other different types. Causes and problems. Therefore, in the specific driving process of a car, this type of problems and safety failures are often prone to occur. Once they occur, more professional and detailed judgments and inspections should be conducted by more professional technicians and operators to find the problem.In this way, it is possible to further carry out the maintenance and handling operations of car steering
(2) Transmission disorder and skipping
This type of situation and problem is very likely to occur after the car is in gear when the car is in gear, or it is not easy to operate during the driver's gear shift, and it is not easy to change to a more suitable one. For the required gear, it is easy to retreat even after the shift operation. The cause of this problem is mostly due to the safety issues and failures of the shift lever and the output shaft. The driving safety performance of a car may directly affect the personal and property safety of the driver and passengers. If there is a transmission shift and gear safety failure during the driving of the car on the highway, it may affect the driving process. The safety and stability of the system poses a great threat to related personnel.
(3) The vehicle's axle deviation during straight-line driving
During the straight-line safe driving of heavy-duty vehicles, the driver should firmly control the steering wheel so that he can run and drive safely and normally. If some relaxation occurs when the steering wheel is accidentally controlled, the heavy-duty vehicle may be There will be a situation of deviation in a straight line, which is very unfavorable to the smooth use of the vehicle by the driver. There are many reasons for such related problems and situations. Without more professional and qualified safety monitoring, they cannot be easily judged, especially the difference in camber angles of the left and right wheels of the vehicle and the maintenance and adjustment of the front wheel bearings. Insufficient conditions, etc.
Unstable driving exists in the driving of cars on the highway
At present, the traffic situation in our country is very complicated and diverse. The frequency and amplitude of the use of highways by vehicles are very large, and the requirements and standards for the speed and vibration of safe driving vehicles are also continuously improved and progressed. However, many vehicles produced in our country may have problems and conditions of axle vibration during the safe driving of highways, that is, unstable driving, swaying and unstable operation of the vehicle steering wheel may occur. It may be due to problems with the safety and quality of the car's tires and the wear and tear of the car's roulette. Such a situation will bring very strong safety problems to the entire driving process. At the same time, when the vehicle is driving, there is the situation of low-speed swing of the axle, which is the situation of low-speed swing, that is, when the heavy locomotive descends linearly and slowly during continuous driving, it is easy to appear the vehicle shakes and the direction is inaccurate. The situation, especially when the car is turning, can only complete the turning operation by performing a greater steering wheel rotation operation. The potential safety hazard is very serious, and it is also most likely to be the vehicle’s transitional joint arm and so on. The problems and conditions of the parts should be checked and inspected by more professional personnel.