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  • The activity of the electric window is controlled by the main Switch in the Auto Switch. When the main Switch is in the OFF position, only the Windows of the driver door can be opened or closed. When the main Switch is in the ON position, all the Windows can be opened or closed by the Auto Switch. Just press the Auto Switch to the second position to start.


  • The role of the Lubrication system is to continuously transfer a sufficient amount of clean oil with appropriate temperature to all transmission parts when the engine is working, and form an oil film between them.


  • The Clutch System is an important part of the automobile transmission system. It directly accepts the power output of the engine, and then passes to the gearbox to reduce speed and increase torque, and then passes to the wheels. It has the functions of smooth joint to ensure the smooth start of the car, temporary power cut off to ensure the smooth work when shifting gears and prevent the overload of the transmission system.


  • The automobile half shaft is also called the drive shaft, which connects the differential with the drive wheels.


  • The working process of the clutch can be divided into a separation process and an engagement process.


  • The ignition system is an important part of the gasoline engine.


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