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The working principle of car's auto switch

The working principle of the regulating auto switch of the one key start host is to prevent the failure of the one key start function by using the mechanical start mode. Vehicles with one key start function generally do not need to insert the key, but they all have a position to insert the key (its function is to prevent the key from starting when the one key start function fails).

The one click start auto switch of the car is a part of the intelligent car. It is a button device to realize the simple ignition process. At the same time, it can also turn off the fire. The device can be modified at the position of the key lock of the original car or on an independent panel.
1. Different from the traditional mechanical key ignition mode and traditional starting procedure, the start and flameout can be realized by gently pressing the one button start button, which avoids the trouble of losing the key and finding the key. Most of them need to step on the foot brake in the process of ignition.

2. The start button program is controlled and converted by the whole chip, with stable and reliable performance, simulating the off-acc-on-start-on-off mode of the original vehicle key; Realize each function normally.

3. Inductive intelligent entry (door opening) - when you approach the vehicle, the RFID intelligent detection system will automatically open the door lock within the range of 1.0-2.0m, and the sensing distance is stable without directionality. At the same time, it is accompanied by flashing of turn signal light and short sound of horn. With intelligent product design, the system will unlock automatically when you approach the door at normal speed.

4. Inductive smart entry (door closing) - when you leave the vehicle, the RFID detection system cannot find the signal of "smart key" within the set range, and the system will lock four door locks at the first time. At the same time, the turn signal flashes and the horn sounds briefly to remind the owner that the vehicle has automatically entered the anti-theft state